An Opportunity for the Republican Party

The political parties of Puerto Rico are different from the national political parties of the United States. Puerto Rico voters are typically conservative, whether they think of themselves as Democrats or Republicans.

Just as the United States has elected both Republican and Democratic presidents, Puerto Rico has elected both Democratic and Republican governors. Our current governor is a Democrat — and our current Resident Commissioner is a Republican.

Puerto Rican voters will be receptive to the party with the best ideas and the best candidates. We believe that is the Republican Party.

A self-fulfilling prophecy

If Republicans on the mainland reject statehood for Puerto Rico and shun Puerto Rico voters, they will be playing into the hands of Democrats. 

The Republican Party platform supports statehood for Puerto Rico. Republican presidents, including Ronald Reagan, have supported statehood for Puerto Rico.Respecting the will of Puerto Rico voters will encourage support for Republicans in the new state of Puerto Rico.