The Benefits of Statehood for Puerto Rico and the U.S.

The Republican Party of Puerto Rico believes in the equality and dignity of full citizenship rights for the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico that can only be achieved though statehood for Puerto Rico.

As a territory, Puerto Rico receives far less in federal funding than any state. The Island has a much higher poverty rate, far higher unemployment, higher rates of chronic diseases, and other disadvantages that result from our territorial status.

Statehood means sovereignty and full participation

Puerto Rico as a state would be able to choose two federal Senators and about four federal Representatives. Each federal Senator can have between 40 and 60 aides and every federal representative may have 18 aides.

Both Senators and Representatives can gain even more power if they win leadership positions in the committees to which they belong. This means that if Puerto Rico becomes a state it would have at least two votes in the Senate, four votes in the House and approximately 190 legislative aides. All these individuals would have the mandate and responsibility to see that the interests and aspirations of Puerto Rico are considered in each piece of federal legislation considered in Congress, including funding allocations, programs and benefits, and supervision agencies.

The only way that the interests and aspirations of Puerto Rico can be properly addressed by the federal government, which leads the American nation to which we belong, is under statehood. Only statehood gives Puerto Rico full representation at the national level of our federal government.